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Engineer Insights:

Turning Process Data into Actions


  • Eliminate challenges that limit production efficiency
  • Deploy data-driven controls to optimize production
  • Engage advanced analytics to solve problems faster

Process Engineers Use Data Analytics to Empower Their Organizations

Ready to use advanced analytics to eliminate constraints and streamline your entire production process? Gain insights from current process engineers to collect and refine the data necessary for optimized processes on the factory floor.


An Inside Look

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How To Leverage Data

Learn how process engineers rely on guided analytics to quickly solve problems by leveraging real-time and historical data.

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Gaining A Competitive Edge

With only 22% of surveyed manufacturers using Machine Learning and Guided Analytics, companies using the right technologies earn considerable advantages.

About The Speakers

connor gaddy

Connor Gaddy

Process Engineer, Lake Cable

Connor Gaddy is a process engineer at Lake Cable. Lake Cable is a wire and cable manufacturing company specializing in Instrumentation, Tray, Thermocouple, HVAC, Fire Alarm, Broadcast, Communication, Utility, and custom made wire products.

Connor is responsible for designing, troubleshooting, and optimizing a wide variety of polymer extrusion operations and employs a growing toolset of advanced data analytics to maximize his team’s effectiveness.


Nathan Fauls

Process Engineer, Dura-Line

Nathan Fauls is a process engineer at Dura-Line. Dura-Line, a leading global manufacturer and distributor, is transforming the structure of communication.

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