Are you having trouble prioritizing technology investments?

76% of manufacturers said difficulty prioritizing technology limits their abilities to leverage new solutions to solve challenges.*

Download the Forrester Tech Tide™: Smart Manufacturing report to help develop your lighthouse roadmap and:

  • Understand how to prioritize Industry 4.0 technology investments
  • Identify key areas of investment to drive greater efficiency
  • Evaluate smart technologies as part of a broader manufacturing ecosystem
An Inside Look

The Forrester Tech Tide ranks 20 different smart manufacturing technologies based-on business value and maturity to guide your digital transformation roadmap.

Download this in-depth analysis to understand how to prioritize your technology investments. Each technology is categorized into four different recommendations (experiment, invest, maintain or divest) to help you develop a smart manufacturing strategy that drives efficiency throughout your operations.

This report provides valuable insights that allows you to:

  • Understand how different technologies work together to support Industry 4.0 initiatives.
  • Evaluate smart technologies as part of a broader manufacturing ecosystem.
  • Learn how smart manufacturing can drive greater efficiency in operations.

    *Source: Oden Engineering Insights Survey