Case Study

Global Conduit Manufacturer Saves Over $5M

An Inside Look

Learn how a global conduit manufacturer leveraged Industrial IoT to optimize production performance and eliminate over $5M in non-conforming products.

A global conduit manufacturer suffered from quality issues that not only cost the factory over $5 million a month but resulted in the loss of a lucrative contract. While they were collecting data from the line, it was not accessible after 24 hours. The team realized they needed a better way to process data and proactively identify and address potential quality  failures. 

The manufacturer was able to reduce their cost of non-conformance and regain the trust of their customers through: 

  • Greater visibility to identify suspect products quickly and reduce the likelihood of defects being shipped to customers. 
  • Process recommendations that increased contribution margins and resulted in over 200 production hours saved. 
  • Real-time alerts that allowed engineers and operators to intervene and prevent quality failures. 

“Ultimately the conduit manufacturer was able to improve product quality, reduce costly scrap and recover their lost customer.”