Maximize Your Bottom Line With Guided Analytics

Get a competitive edge with Industrial IoT and analytics that provide actionable insights to maximize your bottom line.
  • Production optimization recommendations increase throughput without sacrificing quality.
  • Predictive alerts allows teams to prevent problems and minimize impact by taking corrective action faster.
  • Interactive dashboards provide real-time production monitoring and operational visibility across the factory floor.

Optimize Production At Every Stage

  • Increase First Pass Yield
  • Improve Changeover Processes
  • Reduce Scrap and Material Waste
  • Predict and Prevent Quality Failures
  • Improve Workforce Effectiveness
  • Maximize Contribution Margins
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Improve Operations in Real-Time
With Industrial IoT Analytics

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Performance Optimization

Uncover the optimal production settings needed to replicate your most efficient runs more consistently. Performance optimization solutions pinpoint areas of inefficiency to increase throughput at no cost to quality. Reduce waste, eliminate overhead and increase your contribution margins.

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Predictive Quality

Prevent quality failures by predicting scrap rates in real-time based-on live and historical production data. Alerts notify factory personnel of potential quality problems or excessive scrap and material waste. Teams can take corrective action fast to minimize the impact of inline and offline quality failures.

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Uptime Optimization

Reduce costly unplanned downtime and optimize product changeover routines. Monitor live production metrics and get real-time alerts when downtime exceeds target rates. Automated reports provide guided insights that point to how you can improve processes, uptime productivity and material usage.