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  • Adapt to the impact Of Fragile and fragmented supply chain
  • govern the shift towards worker productivity and resilient operations
  • implement digital transformation now to meet accelerations caused by COVID

Get CEO Insights On Digital Transformation and COVID's Long Term Impacts

With most manufacturers reporting significant changes in demand, minimizing costs and building agile operations have become top of mind. Hear the latest CEO insights around COVID’s long-term impact on manufacturing and accelerating digital transformation initiatives.

State of manufacturing

An Inside Look

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Change in Demand

With 96% of manufacturers reporting significant changes in demand, tune in to hear how they're tackling unprecedented challenges. 

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CEOs Rely on Trusted Strategies

Learn how manufacturers used proven strategies to quickly adjust production to meet stark changes in demand. 

About The Speakers

Shirish Pareek

Shirish Pareek

Managing Director, AMG Partners

Shirish Pareek is Managing Director of AMG Partners, the investment and advisory firm he founded that focuses on Advanced Manufacturing products and services companies. Pareek also serves as Chairman of MiQ Partners, an advanced automation business with a focus on the life sciences industry.

Robert Harling

Robert Harling

CEO, Gatekeeper Systems

Gatekeeper Systems keeps retail merchandise and assets out of the hands of thieves and retains hard-earned profits on retailer’s accounts by installing and operationalizing the world’s premiere intelligent cart/trolley solutions. Robert Harling evaluates business and technology trends and thinks about how to create robust, durable technologies that are easy to use and have impactful cost- effective business applications.

Andy Zanelli

Andy Zanelli

CEO , Visual Communications Company (VCC)

Andy Zanelli is the CEO of San Diego-based VCC, a leading designer, and manufacturer of illuminated electronic components used in human to machine interface (HMI). He is focused on the critical role illuminated components play in human-machine interface systems, developing and nurturing a killer company culture, and growing VCC.

Willem Sundbland Headshot

Willem Sundblad

CEO & Co-Founder , Oden Technologies

Willem Sundblad is the co-founder and CEO of Oden Technologies, a company empowering manufacturers to make more, waste less and innovate faster through machine learning and applied analytics, He is a Forbes contributing writer, a recognized leading voice in Industrial IoT, and is pioneering the use of real-time and predictive analytic tools that uncover untapped value. 

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