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The Mímir: Driving the Future of Industrial Automation


  • Oden’s approach to Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence (AI)
  • the diagnostic and predictive capabilities of the platform
  • How the core Oden IIoT Platform is leveraged to deploy our Machine and AI solutions

The First Cloud and Edge Machine Learning and AI Framework for Manufacturing.

The Mímir framework within the Oden platform is the first-of-its kind framework built from the ground up to provide
operational Machine Learning-based solutions for
Industry 4.0 customers.

This framework can be used to continuously monitor the manufacturing process to predict quality and machine health, detect abnormal behavior, and provide recommendations on recipes and process settings.

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An Inside Look

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Prediction of Metrics and Production Quality

The Mímir framework can be used to generate live predictions about metrics of interest so that their potential future impact on the process can be identified with sufficient lead time.

This enables process engineers to modify and control the process in order to improve quality, reduce maintenance costs, and avoid any unplanned downtime.

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The First End-To-End, Open Machine Learning Framework

The Oden platform provides machine learning algorithms access to both historical as well as streaming operations, resources, and performance data that is continuously collected in real time.

It uses a first-of-its-kind architecture spanning the cloud platform as well as edge computing.

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