State of Manufacturing: CEO Insights

Download the State of Manufacturing: CEO Insights report to access the latest data and interviews from CEOs across the industry. 

This report will cover survey data and insights around: 

  • Current and long-term challenges facing manufacturing 
  • The future of manufacturing operations 
  • The state of digital transformation
An Inside Look

With 96% of manufacturers reporting significant changes in demand, minimizing costs and building agile operations have become top of mind. In this report, you’ll find the latest CEO insights around COVID’s long-term impact on manufacturing along with the importance of building nimble operations. 

This report will also cover topics such as: 

  • How resilient operations and supply chains can combat market uncertainty 
  • How manufacturers are thinking differently about labor and upskilling 
  • How executives are accelerating digital transformation initiatives


Download today and learn how to create agile business processes to promote stability in the current state of manufacturing.