Operationalizing IIoT Panel


This webinar is your opportunity to hear tips for maintaining business continuity and Industry 4.0 trends.

You'll learn how manufacturers are solving practical, real-world operational problems by deploying advanced digital technologies. We cover topics including:

  • How to enable remote monitoring of the factory floor for business continuity
  • Overcoming challenges with operationalizing IIoT initiatives

  • The importance of deploying standards that embrace equipment diversity on the factory floor


Patricia Panchak

President/Editor, Pat Panchak Media, Inc.

Patricia Panchak brings 25 years of researching world-class leadership strategies to help executives translate the power of strategies created at the intersection of three powerful forces--digital technologies, lean management principles, and engaged employees. 

As the former editor-in-chief of IndustryWeek, Panchak is a widely-recognized authority on business management and leadership issues. Through extensive research, she provides a window into the best practices of world-class organizations and provides the knowledge companies need to put the challenge of global competition in perspective.

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Elad Shmulevich

Global VP of Operations, Dura-Line

With 20 plants and more than 1,300 associates across the globe, Dura-Line established itself as a global leader in the manufacturing of plastic conduit. 

Prior to joining Dura-Line, Elad worked for Netafim as the Director of Global Operational Excellence and Quality. In this capacity, he led the development of Netafim’s Lean Operating System, that has significantly contributed to the market leadership position of the company across the globe.

Willem Sundblad

Willem Sundblad

CEO & Cofounder, Oden Technologies

Willem Sundblad is the cofounder and CEO of Oden Technologies, a company empowering manufacturers to make more, waste less and innovate faster through Machine Learning and Applied Analytics.

He is a leading voice in Industrial IoT and is pioneering the use of real-time and predictive analytic tools that uncover untapped value.

Recently named one of Forbes 30 Under 30, Willem is working to transform the manufacturing industry by digitizing, analyzing and perfecting peak factory performance.