On-Demand Webinar

How Industrial AI Optimizes OEE

Digital Transformation
An Inside Look

By combining Industrial AI and Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE), manufacturers enjoy a clearer understanding of key variables to promote and predict smarter production conditions, such as run times, equipment speed, product output, and material costs. 

This webinar will provide the steps and tools needed to get started with Industrial AI so you can begin maximizing your OEE and other metrics. You’ll learn about: 

  • Scrap prediction methods to reduce waste and improve profitability
  • Leveraging automation to increase both total yield and operational efficiency
  • How Industrial AI applies to your existing infrastructure

The sooner your factory leverages AI, the sooner you can improve product quality, profitability, customer satisfaction, and more – the benefits are endless.


Andy Timm, CEO, CrucibleWorx

Willem Sundblad, CEO & Cofounder, Oden Technologies