On-Demand Webinar

Digital Transformation in a Quarantined World

Digital Transformation
An Inside Look

In this webinar, we examine how Plastics and Rubber manufacturers have adapted operations during COVID-19. Due to changes in demand and the introduction of new production lines, over 70% of manufacturers stated that digital transformation has increased in importance.

Learn how others have navigated the changing landscape and how you can shift towards stability through automation.

Topics covered include:

  • Using connectivity to accelerate problem-solving

  • Adapting existing machinery to integrate new and older models

  • Predicting and preventing manufacturing disturbances

Featured panelists:

Will Berry - Senior Vice President, Southwire

Bryan DeBois - Director, Industrial Artificial Intelligence (AI), Rovisys

Willem Sundblad - CEO, Oden Technologies

Richard Baker - Vice President North American Engineering, Prysmian

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