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Top 5 Reasons Customers Switch To Oden


  • One platform for your performance and quality needs
  • Easy & Fast Ways To Prove Value
  • Continuous Performance Optimization


Maximize Your Competitive Advantage. 

Learn why your peers are switching to Oden for actionable insights your team needs to spend less time analyzing data and more time solving operational issues.


An Inside Look

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One Platform For Your Performance & Quality Needs

Need a solution to juggling vendors and products that limit data sharing? Oden unifies data across production systems. Connect to machine data sources using reliable and scalable modern standards such as OPC-UA and MQTT, as well as systems like ERP, MES, and QMS with flexible API’s to limit development time

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Easy & Fast Ways To Prove Value

Wish making process improvements was easy? Customizable dashboards easily track improvements with live production metrics and continuous process monitoring. You can even access a flexible data process model without custom coding or development. 

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